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Folded Fin heat sinks are a good solution when looking for a medium to high density fin structure that is short in height (<2"). Generally formed from either copper or aluminum, a long sheet of material is folded back and forth to produce the fins. Depending upon the fin spacing and height, the fin tips can be flat or rounded. There are also special configurations, such as lanced offset and wavy, which can be used to improve the heat transfer ability of the heat sink. The fins are attached by either solder or thermal epoxy to a base usually made of aluminum or copper. 
Bonded fins are a good high power solution for either natural or forced convection. Individual straight fins are cut and bonded into a grooved base plate. The fins are usually thicker than you would find on a zipper/skived or folded fin, so they have the ability to be more efficient, even at tall heights. Aluminum and copper fins can be combined on the same heat sink to provide improved performance without all of the weight gain.
Stacked fin heat sink means that an individual fin is extruded so that it looks like an “I”. There are interlocking features in both top and bottom bases. A series of the fins are stacked side by side and compressed together to form a heat sink. The top and bottom surface of each base is machined to ensure a flat mounting surface and then any secondary features are added. Depending upon the construction of the interlocking features, thermal epoxy can be used between the sections to improve the performance.

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