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Die Casting Parts Mold Structure

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Die casting parts are widely used in various industries such as automobile manufacturing, internal combustion engine production, motorcycle manufacturing, motor manufacturing, oil pump manufacturing, transmission machinery manufacturing, precision instruments, garden beautification, power construction, and building decoration. Now let's understand the structure of die casting mold.

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The basic structure of die-casting molds includes: melting cups, forming inserts, mold bases, guides, core-pulling mechanism, ejecting mechanism and thermal balance system. Most die-casting molds are composed of fixed and dynamic molds, in which the dynamic mold is fixed on the dynamic mold mounting plate of the die-casting parts, and the mold is closed or opened with the fixed mold as the movable mold mounting plate moves. The stereotypes are fixed on the stereotyped mounting plate of the die-casting parts, and there is a sprue connected with the nozzle or the pressure chamber.

Molded part-the part that forms the cavity, including fixed and movable inserts and cores.

Mold frame-a variety of formwork, seat frame and other frame parts, its role is to combine and fix each part of the mold according to a certain regularity and position, and make the mold can be installed on the die casting machine.

Guide parts-accurately guide the moving mold and fixed mold to close or separate.

Ejection mechanism-a mechanism for ejecting the casting from the mold, including ejection and reset parts, and also includes the guiding and positioning parts of the ejection mechanism itself.

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Pouring system-connected with the forming part and the pressure chamber, guiding the molten metal into the cavity part of the casting mold in a certain direction, directly affecting the speed and pressure of the molten metal entering the forming part. Etc.

Drainage system-is a channel to remove the gas in the pressure chamber, sprue and cavity, including the exhaust groove and overflow banyan.

Others-bolts, pins for fastening and positioning parts for positioning etc.

Due to the needs of the shape and structure of the casting, a permanent core-pulling mechanism.

In order to maintain the distribution of the mold temperature field in line with the needs of the process, a cooling device or a cooling-heating device is also provided in the mold.

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