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Typical Applications For Liquid Cold Plates

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The liquid cold plate is usually used in some high-power and high-end equipment, which can play a very good heat dissipation effect. The principle of heat dissipation of water cooling plate is very simple: in a closed liquid circulation device, the power generated by the pump promotes the liquid circulation in the closed system, and the heat generated by the chip absorbed by the heat sink is brought to the heat dissipation device with a larger area through the liquid circulation. The cooled liquid is then returned to the heat absorber and the cycle repeats.

Now the liquid cold plates are widely used, such as high-power electric equipment, refrigeration and heating of buildings, communication, laser, medical, electric vehicles, power supply, military industry and so on. They use water circulation to make temperature control, and the main reasons are that the heat capacity of the water, the material is easy to obtain, and the cost low, it is also can satisfy the installation precision is high, well-presented and etc.


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