Heat Pipe Heat Sink

Heat pipe heat sink is a new product produced by using heat pipe technology to make significant improvements to many old radiators or heat dissipation products.
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Heat Pipe Heat Sink

The heat pipe heat sink consists of a sealed pipe, a liquid wick and a steam channel. The wick surrounds the tube wall of the sealed tube and is immersed in a volatilized saturated liquid. Heat pipes are a cost effective means for high performance heat spreading. Heat pipes have to be designed to address-Power transport capacity needed to cool the component, Heat flux capacity of the wick material at the heat collector .With increasing power, more fluid has to be evaporated and condensed. The pressure drop incurred by the fluid increases. When it equals the capillary pressure of the wick, the heat pipe reaches its power carrying capacity.

Heat Pipe Technology

Heat pipe technology was previously widely used in aerospace, military and other industries. Since being introduced into the heat sink manufacturing industry, people have changed the design ideas of traditional heat sink and got rid of the need to rely solely on high-air-volume motors for better heat dissipation. The single heat dissipation mode and the use of heat pipe technology enable the heat sink to achieve satisfactory results even with a low-speed, low-volume motor, so that the noise problem that plagues air-cooled heat dissipation is well solved, and it opens up a new world in the heat dissipation industry. Heat pipe heat sink is commonly found on the custom heat sink of the cpu.

Video of Heat Pipe Heat Sink

Product Parameter

Product name: Heat pipe heat sink

Production Process: Soldering process

Surface treatment: nickelplate, Black coating

Material Capabilities: Aluminum /AL6061/6063/1100,Copper

Application: Electronics industry

Service: OEM ,Heat sink manufacturer

Sample Lead Time: 7~15 days

Size: customer dawings

QC Control: full inspection before shipment

Qaulity Certification: ISO9001:2015

Packaging Details: as requested

Individual packaging available for each pcb board heatsink

Port: HK/Shenzhen

Heat Pipe Heat SinkHeat Pipe Heat Sink 2Heat Pipe Heat Sink 2



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