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FSW (Friction Stir Welded ) Liquid Cold Plate

Friction stir welding is one of the most popular trends in welding technology. The weld is made in the pasty state: it is the solid state of the joining process. The weld is created solely by mechanical deformation by friction.Friction stir welding is to realize the solid-state welding approach. Under the effect of pressure and with the effects of constant or increase pressure and torque, the relative motion between the welding contacts generates the heat of friction and plastic deformation heat. This effect increases the temperature in the neighboring area to the temperature range which is slightly lower than the melting point. The material’s resistance to deformation is reduced and its plasticity is enhanced. As the oxide film on the interface is ruptured and with the effect of upsetting pressure, the material generates plastic deformation and begins to flow. The molecular diffusion and recrystallization therefore realize the solid-state welding approach.

FSW (Friction Stir Welded ) Liquid Cold Plate,as a two-piece construction, paths are then machined into the base of the cold plate, which allows liquid to flow through these paths. These flow paths can be very complex and include fins and turbulators to significantly increase the heat trans. A top piece is then place on to the base and friction stir welded into place.This manufacturing method for a liquid cold plate is a solid-state joining process where the metal is not melted. Is is more of a forging process that uses spinning pin and downward force to create a bond between two pieces.The joined material is plasticized by heat generated by friction between the surface of the plates and the contact surface.

This process is implemented on a high-speed vertical CNC machine. Machining and welding are done on the same work centre. The frictional heat is generated (while staying below the melting point) between the wear-resistant welding tool.

Finally the welded surface is fly-cut, inlet/outlet holes and component mounting holes are added.

A friction stir welded cold plate results in a leak proof seal that is very strong and reliable. If offer ac complex fluid path and has the ability to join different alloys.

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