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Copper/SUS Tube Liquid Cold Plate

Copper/SUS Tube liquid cold plate tend to be the simplest form of liquid cold plates where a joint free tube is embedded into grooved machined copper or aluminum base plate.

Dependent on the required thermal performance and the cooling fluid to be used, the tube can be copper or stainless steel and can be a simple mechanical press fit, press fit with a thermal epoxy boundary to eliminate micro voids or soldered in place for maximum thermal performance. Cold Plates With Single and Multi Pass Tubes The embedded tubes is a fluid outlet.  

Another method of improving the thermal profile offered to all components is to design a tube in plate cold plate with inlet and outlet headers. This divides the incoming cooling fluid into parallel tubes that offer a much more even thermal profile. Cold Plates with Concealed Tubes Alternatively the tube can be embedded further into the base so that it cools devices mounted on both sides of the plate. The tube is not exposed to external elements, with an epoxy layer to provide additional protection for any leakage. This option provides greater flexibility, but the thermal performance is limited because of the surface area of the tube perimeter.

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