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  • [Case Study] Designing a heat sink for a 500W laser equipment
    Laser equipment typically generates a significant amount of heat, necessitating an effective heat dissipation system to maintain stable operating temperatures. The following are some basic requirements for laser equipment heat sinks.High heat dissipation efficiency: Laser equipment requires an effic Read More
  • [Case Study] The Importance of Quality Control in Liquid Cold Plate Manufacturing
    The Importance of Quality Control in Liquid Cold Plate Manufacturing I. IntroductionElectronics are always present around us; some may be high-power electronics, and some may be low-power electronics. One of the primary considerations with electronics is that they produce heat. Hence, it is essentia Read More
  • [Case Study] 850W Liquid Cold Plate Thermal Solution
    The design requirements:TO-247 Chipset;Total power: 850W(24 pcs);Thermal power : 35.4W for each chipsetThermal pad ( thermal conductivity) =5W/m.k Al6063 Material for Al baseLiquid cold plate with FSW process Input flow rate 4L/MinInlet water Tem 55 ℃Environment 55℃ Read More
  • [Case Study] Case Study: Heat Sink Simulation
    Heat Sink AuthorPeter KrishReport dateMay 20, 2023, 8:58:40 PMSummaryThis example models the cooling characteristics of the n19 aluminum heat sink from Alpha Company Ltd The model studies the temperature distribution in the sink and in the flow.Contents1. Global Definitions 1.1. Parameters 2. Comp Read More
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