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Vacuum Brazing/Welding Liquid Cold Plate

Brazing is a process of joining two or more metals, such as aluminium plates, by melting a filler metal, or the brazing alloy. The filler has a metling point well below that of the base material. This is a high-end joining technology results in parts with extremely strong joints and no residual corrosive flux.

The benefits of vacuum brazing include uniform heating, tight temperature control, no post cleaning processes, and process repeatability. When compared to other metal-joining processes, brazing does not melt the base metal of the joint, which allows for more precise control of tolerances. Vacuum aluminium brazing also minimizes distortion of the part due to uniform heating and cooling as compared to a localized joining process. This type of brazing creates a continuous hermetically sealed bond. Vacuum furnace brazing offers extremely repeatable results due to the critical furnace parameters that are attained with every load, that is, vacuum levels and temperature uniformities.

Vacuum Brazing/Welding Liquid Cold Plate are generally used for high-performance designs that require low thermal resistance, and superior leak-free reliability. They enable designers the greatest flexibility in specifying such criteria as thermal resistance, thermal flow, pressure drop, fluid path, size, shape, material hardness, surface geometry, and the ability to mount components on both sides of the plate.

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