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Kingka is one of the leading custom heat sink manufacturers in China, offers custom heat sinks and liquid cold plates. Kingka focused on high-power cooling solutions for the development, production and technical services, committed to becoming a new energy field thermal management leader for the mission. And will be your trusted partner by the creative, good quality and best service.

What is a Liquid Cold Plate?

Liquid Cold Plate is the most efficient method to cool high density heat loads, because the liquid has higher heat capacity, which can absorb and transport heat at a high rate. There are about 4~5 times efficiency compared to traditional air cooling or solid conduction. Our trusted 10+ years liquid cold paltes is reliable and leak-free, which can help you to acheive high performance.

Liquid Cold Plate Technologies

Performance Enhancement

Kingka's Liquid Cold Plate not only achieves expected reliability but also offers IT performance advantages.


Kingka's Liquid Cold Plate, produced with eco-friendly design, effectively reduces environmental impact and supports sustainable development.

Maximizing Space Utilization

Our custom-designed Liquid Cold Plate is compact and efficient, greatly enhancing space utilization and functionality.

Types of Liquid Cold Plate

Applications of Liquid Cold Plate


Liquid cooled servers, data center cooling systems, and direct liquid cooled (DLC) GPUs and CPUs maximize compute density and maintain peak performance with minimal latency more sustainably with more reliable uptime. Boyd’s liquid cooling system design cycles accelerate time to market.


Lightweight, ruggedized, compact liquid cooling systems extend battery range and accelerate charge cycles to differentiate new EV models and boost consumer adoption. EV battery cold plates, power conversion liquid cooling, inverter cold plates, and low profile telematics cooling.


High power density industrial equipment requires rugged, high performance liquid cooling systems. Power electronics cooling, IGBT liquid cooling, inverter cooling, IGBT direct liquid cold plates, semiconductor liquid cooling systems, battery storage liquid cooling.


High reliability medical equipment cooling solutions. Boyd’s thermal management solutions for medical products include CT scanner liquid cooling, MRI cooling, UV light and laser cooling solutions, x-ray thermal management, medical chillers, and ultrasound thermal systems.

Liquid Cooling Plate Solutions: Customized Heat Dissipation Solutions

When it comes to efficient cooling solutions, liquid cold plate technology stands out as a leading choice due to its excellent thermal conductivity and customization features. Liquid cold plates made of aluminum and copper each have unique advantages, with copper liquid cold plates excelling in superior heat transfer capabilities, providing robust support for various needs.
Liquid cold plate technology utilizes advanced heat transfer mechanisms to effectively transfer thermal energy from the metal plate to the cooling fluid, and is widely used in compact design fields such as electric vehicles, high-power electronic products, power generation equipment, medical devices, military aviation, lasers, and more. As a leading liquid cold plate manufacturer in China, Kingka leverages its rich experience and professional knowledge to provide customized cooling solutions, helping to optimize product performance and giving customers a greater competitive edge.

Custom Liquid Cold Plate: Select the Appropriate Process

At Kingka, we support various liquid cold plate processing technologies, each with its own unique features. Choose the Liquid Cold Plate that best suits you:
Discover our most popular liquid cold plate technology
Brazing Liquid Cold Plate

Liquid Cold Plate Video

Custom Liquid Cold Plates From Kingka


  • Q What documents will be offer along with the goods?

    A Documents will be offered based on your requirement, like FAI report, PPAP, RoHS &material certification, control plan, COC and so on.
  • Q I do not have drawing, what can I do?

    A We have a team of professional engineers can provide the customized design service for customer,please kindly tell me your detail requirements ,the draft drawing and samples pictures can be provided will much helpful.
  • Q Can you provide the sample for testing ?

    A Yes ,we can provide the the sample for testing .
  • Q Are you trading company or manufacturer ?

    A We are manufacturer for the CNC machining , turning , extrusion , skived fin process , soldering , brazing , FSW process , assembly and various hardware metal parts .
  • Q What is the lead time?

    A Normally, the customized samples lead time is 15 days, the lead time for mass production is 25-30 days. It depends on the order quantity and the season you place the order.
  • Q What is your usual terms of payments?

    A Usually it will be T/T in advance , we also can accept net 30 days for the long-term cooperation customer. Please check with our sales with details.
  • Q Can I customize surface treatment?

    A Yes. We can supply anodized in various colors, hard anodizing, sandblasting, nickel plating, polishing, grinding, powder coating, electrophoresis and so on. It can be customized according to your requirements.

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