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Liquid Cold Plates

Liquid Cold Plates , we also called Water Cooling blocks, are the most efficient method of heat removal. They are often 4-5 times more efficient compared to a standard air cooled heat sink and fan. The principle is simple: you provide a source of cool liquid (typically water, or ethylene glycol/water) to the inlet of the water block. The liquid travels back and forth through the various chambers of the water block thereby absorbing the heat from the power electronics. The warmer liquid then exits the water block.

Liquid cold plates are usually made from either Aluminum or Copper due to their high thermal conductivity.  Aluminum liquid blocks are a good all purpose material choice and will suit most needs. Copper liquid cold plates have a thermal advantage in a greater ability to move heat.  

Liquid Cold plates allow for a high-level of heat transfer, by passing heat from the metal plate to the cooling fluid. Often used in compact designs for electric vehicles, high-powered electronics, power generation, medical equipment, military and aerospace, and lasers.

The liquid cold plate uses a pump to circulate the coolant in the heat pipe and dissipate heat. The heat absorbed by the heat absorption part is discharged to the outside of the host through the radiator designed on the back of the fuselage. A liquid cold plate heat sink is a metal block with a water channel inside, made of copper or aluminum, which is in contact with the CPU and will absorb the heat of the CPU. The circulating fluid flows in the circulating pipeline by the action of a water pump. If the fluid is water, it is what we commonly call a water cooling system.

water cold plates

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