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Extrusion Heat Sink

Extrusion Heat Sink is known as heat sink extrusion or extruded aluminum heat sink, heat sink extrusion with beautiful appearance, light weight, good heat dissipation performance, energy saving effect. Simply put, aluminum heat sink extrusion technology is to heat aluminum ingots to 520~540℃ at high temperature, under high pressure to let the aluminum liquid flow through the heat sink extrusion mold with grooves, to make the extruded heat sink material. Then, after cutting and cutting the heat sink extrusion material, the extruded aluminum heat sink we often see is made.

Aluminum heat sink extrusion technology is easy to realize, and the cost of equipment is relatively low, so it has been widely used in the low-end market in previous years. AL6063 is a commonly used aluminum heat sink material, which has good thermal conductivity and machinability. The finished extruded heat sinks surface is anodized to improve the corrosion resistance, wear resistance and appearance of aluminum. At present, the commonly used types of extruded aluminum heat sink in China are electronic heat sink, computer heat sink , sunflower heat sink, power semiconductor heat sink and so on. Because of the superior performance, extruded aluminum heat sinks is widely used in: machinery, automobile, wind power, construction machinery, air compressor, railway locomotive, household appliances and other industries.

Based on the standard heat sink design, an extrusion can be molded into a wide variety of forms for the varied functions and space requirements needed by different manufacturers.Aluminum heat sink extrusion molding can be achieved through the mold, which can realize the complex structure of heat sink fin.These complex radiating fin make the radiating surface area larger and reduce the cost and time of aluminum processing.

Customized aluminum extrusion profiles is also very feasible, due to the ease of production already outlined above. In the form of fins, profiles can easily be attached to a copper base so that a large amount of thermal energy is conducted to the cooling fins which are made of the lighter, less expensive aluminum alloy.

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