Custom Heat Sink Manufacturer In China – Kingka

Kingka is a professional custom heat sink manufacturer in the cooling system field. Which is providing the customers the total thermal solutions in selecting suitable heat sinks, cooling their devices. Especially skiving fin heat sink, aluminum extrusion heat sink, Soldering heat sink, Heat pipe heat sink and Liquid cold plate solutions can be a great support. Kingka’s product range is from all kinds of heat sinks to structure parts. Our products are widely applied in telecom, aerospace, automotive, industrial control, power electronics, medical instrument, security electronics, LED lighting and multimedia/consumer, etc.

Custom Heat Sink Services

Kingka custom heat sinks for customers, provides the most effective heat dissipation solutions for the product's structural design, solves the heat dissipation risks of customers' stereotyped products, selects the best product heat sink parts, provides optimized noise reduction solutions, and reduces heat dissipation costs.