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Kingka is a professional custom heat sink manufacturer in the cooling system field. Which is providing the customers the total thermal solutions in selecting suitable heat sinks, cooling their devices. Especially skiving fin heat sink, aluminum extrusion heat sink, Soldering heat sink, Heat pipe heat sink and Liquid cold plate solutions can be a great support. Kingka’s product range is from all kinds of heat sinks to structure parts. Our products are widely applied in telecom, aerospace, automotive, industrial control, power electronics, medical instrument, security electronics, LED lighting and multimedia/consumer, etc.

Custom Heat Sink Services

Kingka custom heat sinks for customers, provides the most effective heat dissipation solutions for the product's structural design, solves the heat dissipation risks of customers' stereotyped products, selects the best product heat sink parts, provides optimized noise reduction solutions, and reduces heat dissipation costs.

Aluminum Extruded Heat Sinks

Extruded aluminum is one of the most popular and cost-efficient heat sink fabrication methods. Kingka produces a wide variety of Standard Extruded Heat Sink options for quick solutions optimized for Customers.

Skived Fin Heat Sinks

Skived Fin heat sinks can be an alternative to extruded heat sinks when looking for a fin density that can’t be achieved by extrusion technology. Skived heat sinks can be manufactured from either copper or aluminum and usually have 0.5 (0.020”) thick fins. Skived heat sinks are produced using a series of sharp knives that, as they pass over the material, curl up a small thickness of metal which is then bent vertically to form the fin.

Soldering Heat Sink

Soldering fin assemblies from Kingka offer the maximum cooling surface in minimum volume. Developed for aerospace and military markets, Soldering fin heat sinks have found a strong commercial niche. Available in a wide variety of styles, materials and fin densities, soldering fins can be used in forced convection and natural convection cooling systems. Virtually all parts are customized, with very few standard parts available: Lightweight cooling fins. Reduced material cost. Reduced assembled part weight. Minimal material thickness. Reduced center-to-center fin spacing, allowing more fins per inch of width Minimized mounting base thickness.

Why Choose Kingka to Custom Thermal Heat Sink?

Complete custom manufacturing solutions 
Mature process and different materials
Advanced Heatsink Production Facilities
Quick delivery service
Technique support 
Standard procedure  
Ethics compliance
KingKa Heat Sink Solution
About the thermal heat sink soluitons, Kingka's thermal design center will let our application engineering experts help you with optimizing your thermal solution. From concept to production, we offer engineering support with thermal analysis, mechanical fit ups, cost effective options and samples/prototypes throughout your production lifecycle. Provide us your thermal objectives and design challenges and we will respond quickly with ideas, solutions and recommendations appropriate to your volume timetable and needs. We look forward to letting you get your business based on our designed. Kingka's design integrates many fields of design, including industrial.
The graph above illustrates the relationship between the Power Dissipated in an application versus the Thermal Efficiency of a given solution. The X Axis indicates the total amount of power to be removed, while the Y Axis can be defined as the relationship of thermal resistance with respect to total power, unit volume, and heat flux density. This tool serves as the starting point for solving thermal problems by narrowing the field of available solutions. Suitable technologies for an application can be identified by plotting the expected Power Dissipation on the X Axis and considering the entire range of intersecting Kingka thermal solutions along the Y Axis. Dependent upon the power used and the dynamics of the system configuration, there may be more than one appropriate cooling mechanism to solve your thermal problem.

Looking for a reliable and high quality thermal solution for your business needs?

Look no further than Kingka Tech! Our team of experts has years of experience in designing,manufacturing, and delivering top-of-the-line thermal solutions for a wide range of industries.
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