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Die Casting Heat Sink

Die-casting is a method for manufacturing complex shapes in high volumes and low cost.  Initial tooling cost outlay is high, but the parts cost during the production run is relatively low. Drawback is porous structure as the molten aluminium alloy cools in the die-set it expands creating voids.The porous structure weakens the part and adds to thermal resistance to the heat sink.

Die-casting Heat Sink are suitable for complex liquid cooling. Die casting is an efficient, economical process offering a broader range of designs than any other manufacturing technique. Die castings are monolithic. They combine many functions in one, complex shaped part. Produced at high rates of production with little or no machining required.

The process involves forcing molten metals into a die cavity to create reproducible three-dimensional parts. It can quickly yield complex, precise, rigid cast parts with smooth surfaces that don’t need intense secondary machining.

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