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Kingka is one of the leading custom heat sink manufacturers in China, offers custom heat sinks and liquid cold plates. Kingka focused on high-power cooling solutions for the development, production and technical services, committed to becoming a new energy field thermal management leader for the mission. And will be your trusted partner by the creative, good quality and best service.

Kingka - Your Trusted Custom Heatsink Manufacturing Partner

The function of the heat sink is to transfer the heat generated by the machinery or other appliances in the working process in time to avoid affecting its normal work of the device or instrument.According to the heat dissipation method, the common heat sink can be divided into air cooling, heat pipe heat sink, liquid cooling, semiconductor refrigeration, compressor refrigeration and other types.
Depending on the shapes and materials, heat sink can be made by many manufacturing methods.
The most common and cost effective methods include extrusion, forging, casting and stamping. Other methods to produce higher performing heat sinks include CNC machining, skiving and swaging.Although they are more expensive, they can produce high efficient and compact heat sinks with features that cannot be done by other methods.
The heat sink is made of lightweight, strong thermal conductivity and strong plasticity. Aluminum alloy is the most popular heat sink manufacturing material on the market. It has relatively lightweight, good heat dissipation performance, convenient processing, and low price. Copper is difficult to react with oxygen and water in the air at room temperature, so there is no need to perform complex post-processing on the copper radiator. Copper heat sink has fast heat dissipation, high thermal conductivity, thermal corrosion resistance and long service life .

Why need to make customized heat sinks ?

Customized heat sink refer to manufacture the heat sink for someone or something according to certain requirements to meet the specific needs of customers, which may be different from standard, large-scale production products in various aspects such as specifications, quantity, color,shape, packaging, and identification.
According to customer’s difference requirements and classification , customization is to make the products you need in the way you like.

Advantages and functions of customized heat sink

(1)Customized heat sink is made according to customer’s specific demand, such as the specification ,shape , power which is sole and difference with others .
(2)Customized heat sink can perfect to meet any specific requirements of the customer and enhance the reputation and influence;
(3)Heat sink customization is to produce products according to consumer demand, which can be avoid the slow sales and idle inventory cost ;
(4)Highlight the characteristics and advantages of the heat sinks.

What kind help or service can we provide for our customized heat sink and what’s our advantages?

(1) We can provide the detailed thermal analysis and validation service as customer’s usage environment and specific parameter;
(2) We can help customers optimize the design scheme for free, so that the processing is more reasonable and the cost is lower;
(3)We can share our existing molds / jigs / inspection equipment to our customers for free to use;
(4)We can design special packaging for our customers free of charge .

Types of Custom Heat Sink

Brazing Heat Sink

Brazing joins metals like aluminum plates using a lower melting point filler metal. This high-end method produces strong joints without corrosive residue. Vacuum brazing offers uniform heating, precise temperature control, no post-cleaning, and process repeatability.

Cold Forged Heat Sink

Cold forging, a cold working method, shapes aluminum in a closed die through press squeezing, known as cold heading. This process yields high-performance heat sinks due to increased surface area enhancing thermal performance. Straight fins, formed under high pressure, optimize airflow in various directions, advantageous for specific applications.

Heat Pipe Thermal Module

Heat Pipe Thermal Modules find wide applications in CPUs, LEDs, electronics, and power systems. Custom-designed heat sinks are crucial to optimize performance and reliability due to varying temperatures and environments. Our engineers employ advanced 3D modeling, ANSYS-based thermal analysis, and mechanical support to ensure cost-effective solutions and validate designs in our fully equipped lab.

Extrusion Heat Sink

Extrusion Heat Sink, also called extruded aluminum heat sink, features attractive appearance, lightweight design, and efficient heat dissipation, achieving energy savings. This technology involves heating aluminum ingots to 520-540°C, then forcing the liquid aluminum through a grooved mold under high pressure to create the material. After cutting, the familiar aluminum heat sink is produced.

Friction Stir Welded Heat Sink

Friction stir welding, a popular trend, achieves solid-state welding through pressure-induced frictional heat and plastic deformation. This process, conducted on a high-speed CNC machine, combines machining and welding. Frictional heat is generated by the wear-resistant welding tool, ensuring temperatures remain below melting point for effective welding.

Skived Fin Heat Sink

Skived Fin Heat Sinks, made of aluminum or copper, offer seamless, high-performance cooling with no thermal barriers. They achieve superior cooling with dense fins, surpassing extrusion methods. Skiving creates thin fins, maximizing surface area for efficient heat transfer. Our machines handle fin thicknesses from 50µm to 3mm, ideal for prototyping and cost-effective production.

Epoxy Bonding Heat Sink

Epoxy Bonded Heat Sinks suit high-power use with low thermal resistance. Forced air cooling recommended. 
1.Superior aspect ratio to thin fin extrusions 
2.RoHS compliant, high thermal conductivity epoxy or soldered fins 
3.Thin as 0.008", height up to 2" 
4.Strong mechanical bond 5.Ideal for large heat sinks

Applications of Liquid Cold Plate


Liquid cooled servers, data center cooling systems, and direct liquid cooled (DLC) GPUs and CPUs maximize compute density and maintain peak performance with minimal latency more sustainably with more reliable uptime. Boyd’s liquid cooling system design cycles accelerate time to market.


Lightweight, ruggedized, compact liquid cooling systems extend battery range and accelerate charge cycles to differentiate new EV models and boost consumer adoption. EV battery cold plates, power conversion liquid cooling, inverter cold plates, and low profile telematics cooling.


High power density industrial equipment requires rugged, high performance liquid cooling systems. Power electronics cooling, IGBT liquid cooling, inverter cooling, IGBT direct liquid cold plates, semiconductor liquid cooling systems, battery storage liquid cooling.


High reliability medical equipment cooling solutions. Boyd’s thermal management solutions for medical products include CT scanner liquid cooling, MRI cooling, UV light and laser cooling solutions, x-ray thermal management, medical chillers, and ultrasound thermal systems.

Custom Heat Sink Design Process

Kingka is one of the leading custom heat sink manufacturer in China, we can provide one-stop thermal solution service around the world, with our advanced thermal technology, reliable manufacturing process and excellent quality system.

Factors that affect the design of the radiator, such as :

space, operating temperature, air flow rate, ambient temperature, thermal interface, power supply, connection method, estimated use time and so on.

Length of Fin

The longer for the fin, the heat dissipation area is larger, and the better of the heat dissipation effect under normal circumstances . The longer for the fin, the greater for the wind resistance, and the more space occupied, but need to consider the space allocation with the fan.


Aluminum and copper are commonly used. Aluminum is cheap and light; Copper is expensive, heavy and dissipates heat better than aluminum

Heat Pipe

Heat pipe which can be conducive to temperature equalization and reduce the thermal resistance of diffusion. However, the cost increases and the reliability of the radiator decreases.

Depth of fin

The higher for the fin, the heat dissipation area is greater, and the better of the heat dissipation effect under normal circumstances.The higher for the fin, the greater the wind resistance, and the lower of the heat dissipation efficiency of the fin, so we need to consider the space distribution with the fan or the height limit requirements..

Vapor Chamber

Vapor Chamber which is beneficial to equalizing temperature and reducing diffusion thermal resistance, and the effect is better than that of heat pipe.However, the cost is higher than that of the heat pipe, and the reliability of the radiator is lower than that of the heat pipe radiator.

Types of Custom Heat Sink Processes

Why Choose Kingka As Your Custom Heatsink Manufacturer

Kingka is one of the leading custom heat sink manufacturer in China, we can provide one-stop thermal solution service around the world with our advanced thermal technology, reliable manufacturing process and excellent quality system.
We provide world-class products and pricing for higher volume designs, we have established a systematic production process from CNC machining, extrusion, stamping,skiving fin, water cooling plate, friction stir welding, cold forging, die casting, heat pipe assembly, inspection to packaging.
In the past 13 years, Kingka has completed 300+ design and built 4K+ parts, mainly used in Automotive, New Energy, Photovoltaic, Server, Telecommunications, LED Project etc.We are certified with ISO9001 and serving customers all over the world, United States, Germany, France, Canada, Netherlands, Spain, Russia, Australia, Singapore, etc.
Kingka is trusted by small enterprise and world-class brands, welcome you to be a part of them.

Heat Sink Video

Our Custom Heat Sink Cases

Our R&D team members have the strong theory and practice foundation in the machining and thermal field more than 25 years,they all have excellent capability of completing machining and cooler designs and developing feasible solutions for customers.We offer professional machining or thermal design, simulation, solution and test for our customers..Let’s solve the commercial thermal design solutions challanges with expert.


  • Q What documents will be offer along with the goods?

    A Documents will be offered based on your requirement, like FAI report, PPAP, RoHS &material certification, control plan, COC and so on.
  • Q I do not have drawing, what can I do?

    A We have a team of professional engineers can provide the customized design service for customer,please kindly tell me your detail requirements ,the draft drawing and samples pictures can be provided will much helpful.
  • Q Can you provide the sample for testing ?

    A Yes ,we can provide the the sample for testing .
  • Q Are you trading company or manufacturer ?

    A We are manufacturer for the CNC machining , turning , extrusion , skived fin process , soldering , brazing , FSW process , assembly and various hardware metal parts .
  • Q What is the lead time?

    A Normally, the customized samples lead time is 15 days, the lead time for mass production is 25-30 days. It depends on the order quantity and the season you place the order.
  • Q What is your usual terms of payments?

    A Usually it will be T/T in advance , we also can accept net 30 days for the long-term cooperation customer. Please check with our sales with details.
  • Q Can I customize surface treatment?

    A Yes. We can supply anodized in various colors, hard anodizing, sandblasting, nickel plating, polishing, grinding, powder coating, electrophoresis and so on. It can be customized according to your requirements.

Looking for a reliable and high quality thermal solution for your business needs?

Look no further than Kingka Tech! Our team of experts has years of experience in designing,manufacturing, and delivering top-of-the-line thermal solutions for a wide range of industries.
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