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  • The Development History Of Heat Pipes In Heat Pipe Heat Sinks


    Kingka is one of the aluminum heat sink manufacturers in China, offers heat pipe heat sinks, Chip heat sinks, IGBT heat sinks, etc. Heat pipe heat sink is a major improvement to many old heat sinks or heat exchange products and systems, Kingka introduces The development history of heat pipes.The hea Read More

  • How To Choose The Material Of The Calculator Heat Sink?


    Kingka is a professional custom heat sink manufacturer in China, now I will introduce the material selection of calculator heat sink.As we all know, high temperature is the enemy of computers. High temperature will not only cause unstable operation of the system, shorten the service life, and may ev Read More

  • Why Clean The Heat Sink?


    A thermal heat sink is installed in many machines to protect the normal operation of the machine and transmit the high temperature generated when the machine is running. Read More

  • How To Maintain Heat Sinks So As To Extend Their Service Life?


    In the heat sink industry, many well-known heat sink brands are deeply loved by the market by providing excellent product features and practical functions. As a heat sink manufacturer, Shengyida also pays special attention to the product characteristics and practical functions of the heat sink. Thes Read More

  • The Heat Dissipation Principle Of Heat Pipe Heat Sink


    The heat pipe heat sink is a new type of heat sink developed by using the energy of heat pipe technology to make major improvements to many old heat sinks or heat exchange systems. There are two main types of heat pipe radiators: natural cooling and forced air cooling. Air-cooled heat pipe heat sink Read More

  • How To Judge The Quality Of Liquid Cold Plates?


    The heat dissipation of liquid cold plates is becoming more and more common. For manufacturers, it is necessary to make an objective judgment on the quality of liquid cold plates to improve the quality of equipment. Now let the custom liquid cold plate manufacturer introduce to you how to judge the Read More

  • Application Of Electronic Heat Sink


    Nowadays, the sales of electronic products are getting better and better, but when electronic products are used for a long time, they will generate heat and hot phenomenon, so it is very important to choose a good electronic heat sink.As we all know, electronic products use some integrated circuits, Read More

  • How To Judge The Quality Of Electronic Heat Sink?


    Common new electronic heat sink products generally include steel, aluminum, copper, copper-aluminum composite, stainless steel, etc. Among them, steel has high pressure bearing, good thermal function, sturdiness and durability, but it is afraid of oxygen corrosion; aluminum has fast heat dissipation Read More

  • What Are The Benefits Of Using Hoses For Liquid Cold Plates?


    The benefits of using hoses for liquid cold plates Read More

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