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The Importance of Quality Control in Liquid Cold Plate Manufacturing

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I. Introduction

Electronics are always present around us; some may be high-power electronics, and some may be low-power electronics. One of the primary considerations with electronics is that they produce heat. Hence, it is essential to ensure they also have a cooling system.

You must be using your devices for hours and hours, yet they don't heat up, have you ever wondered why? It is because they are manufactured using a cooling system. Liquid cold plates are also one of the most commonly opted cooling systems these days.

A liquid cold plate comprises a coolant that moves around the components and absorbs all the heat released, taking it away from them. There are multiple kinds of liquid cold plates, but quality control is the most important aspect of their manufacturing.

If the quality of liquid cold plates is not up to the mark, there is a chance that they will not perform well, and you will lose your device earlier. Understanding the significance of quality control in liquid cold plate manufacturing is imperative.

Many aspects of quality control measures must be considered so that high-end liquid cold plates can be produced. If you are looking to have an eye on these details, please read below.

Liquid Cold Plate

II. Quality Control Measures in Liquid Cold Plate Manufacturing

It is very important to ensure taking quality control measures when it comes to manufacturing liquid cold plates, and it helps to maintain the reliability and quality of the plates. Many aspects need to be taken into account for these measures, and some are discussed below:

Liquid Cold Plate

ISO Certifications

ISO certifications are the most important quality control measures when manufacturing liquid cold plates. They provide a framework for ensuring the manufactured product meets the required standards.

The most common quality standard for the ISO framework is ISO 9001:2015, which offers a detailed insight covering all important aspects of developing, designing, and installing liquid cold plates and other such products. If the implementation of ISO 9001 is undertaken, the processes conducted in the manufacturing process are effective enough.

Testing Protocols

Testing protocols are a quality control measure in which the liquid cold plate is tested for durability by subjecting it to harsh environments. These plates might be subjected to a lot of pressure that allows them to determine whether they can withstand it without allowing the coolant to leak.

A heat test is also conducted to check whether the liquid cold plate will be able to dissipate the heat efficiently or not.

Traceability Systems

Traceability systems offer to be another commonly considered quality control measure that is assessed in the processes of manufacturing liquid cold plates.

Through this process, the manufacturer can trace components used in production. This test allows us to keep checking that the product contains no failures when trends are seen, and also, they can be traced back to their source for further analysis.

III. Benefits of Effective Quality Control in Liquid Cold Plate Manufacturing

The quality control measures offer multiple benefits to the liquid cold plate manufacturers, some of these benefits are discussed below, followed by real-life examples of some manufacturers where they made the most of it.

Liquid Cold Plate

Improved Product Performance

When effective quality control measures are in place, the performance of the product increases. When the cold plates manufactured are capable of withstanding harsh environments as they are meant for those, they are said to be reliable and hence customers are satisfied. When customers are satisfied with the quality and reliability of the liquid cold plates, their market share and profit increase.

Reduction in Cost

When effective quality control measures are in place, the possibility of finding issues and defects in the liquid cold plates earlier is attained. Hence, these issues are resolved on time. If the manufacturer fails to find defects early, recalling the product from the market is a big hassle that costs a lot.

Timely quality control helps reduce the cost of recalling products, and also, wastage and other costs are reduced when the manufacturing process turns out to be cost-effective.

High Customer Satisfaction

When effective quality control measures are in place, the customer is satisfied, and when a customer is satisfied with the quality of the liquid cold plate, the reputation of the brand increases. It makes customers stay loyal to the business, increasing profit and market share.

These quality control measures identify potential problems on time before they become big issues. Hence, the failures are even tracked and sorted before the product goes to the client, as a faulty product damages the business reputation.

Businesses like Boyd and Lytron have adopted the ISO 9001 standards and can deliver their clients excellent product quality when it comes to liquid cold plates.

Their brand recognition has increased and also they have gained customer loyalty. These companies focus on quality measures and deliver what their customer wants. Hence customized liquid cold plates are also manufactured by them.

IV. Case Studies

In different instances, the manufacturers were able to understand the significance of quality control measures, and some of these examples of real-life are shared below:

One of the leading battery manufacturers reached out to the Boyd Corporation as they wanted them to design a new liquid cold plate for other battery packs. These battery packs were meant to be used in huge electric vehicles, hence using a huge amount of power.

The customer's focus at the initial stage was on the ability of the liquid cold plate to dissipate heat. Boyd Corporation worked on that, but they didn't know that the design and weight of the liquid cold plate would become a concern.

When this concern occurred, Boyd Corporation had to make changes in the design to reduce the weight of the liquid cold plate. They performed a detailed analysis of the battery pack identifying its size and requirement to keep it cooled down.

There was a thorough evaluation, and after that, the team of engineers at Boyd decided to design an aluminum liquid cold plate comprising a thermal base made with fiber; the thermal management process was achieved, yet the weight was still a problem.

They began to make efforts to cut down the weight through different experiments, and the engineers finally reduced the weight of the cold plate by 40 percent of the initial version after a thorough experiment.

V. Conclusion

After going through the article above, you must be well aware of how important it is to focus on quality control measures when manufacturing liquid cold plates. If the quality is not considered, the plate's working performance might be compromised.

Therefore, when choosing the best quality liquid cold plate, get in touch with Kingkatech. We assure you to follow all the quality standards and with check and balance and testing we manufacture the finest quality liquid cold plates.

Even if you need a customized version, we offer that, ensuring it passes all the quality control measures to attain the maximum benefit of using that on your devices.

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