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850W Liquid Cold Plate Thermal Solution

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The design requirements:

• TO-247 Chipset;

• Total power: 850W(24 pcs);

• Thermal power :  35.4W for each chipset

• Thermal pad ( thermal conductivity) =5W/m.k

• Al6063 Material for Al base

• Liquid cold plate with FSW process

• Input flow rate 4L/Min

• Inlet water Tem 55 ℃

• Environment 55℃

liquid cold plate solutino

• Extracted water channel model in SCDM software

• Ansys16.0 design model

liquid cold plate solutino-1liquid cold plate solutino-2

Basic Parameter Setting

• Ambient temperature 55 ℃

• Thermal radiation is not considered

• Turbulent flow regime

• Operating pressure 101325N/m2 on Natural convection

liquid cold plate solutino-3

liquid cold plate solutino-11

• Input water flow 0.004M3/min(4L/min)

liquid cold plate solutino-4

• The number of meshes is 2088034

• Set uniform mesh params

• Mesh assemblies separately

• Allow multi-level meshing

• Allow minimum gap changes

liquid cold plate solutino-5

• Run the solution and get the function curves

• The running step is 1000, and the actual function converges to 150 steps

• The convergence factor flow value is 1xe-5(0.00001)

liquid cold plate solutino-6

• The maximum surface temperature of liquid cold plate is 64.90℃

Orient positive X,Y,Z Temperature

liquid cold plate solutino-7

liquid cold plate solutino-8

• The maximum surface temperature of TO-247 chipset is 65.10℃

• Thermal pad ( thermal conductivity) =5W/m.k

liquid cold plate solutino-9

• Water Speed distribution

• The maximum speed is 1.44m/s

liquid cold plate solutino-10

• Water pressure distribution

• The maximum differential pressure is 2431N/m2

The results:

• Used the simple model method, the result  will be different from the actual module.

• The maximum surface temperature of liquid cold plate is 64.90℃

• The maximum surface temperature of battery cell is 65.1℃

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