Aluminium BGA Heat Sink

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BGA is a welding process, such as resistance welding on the motherboard, and the pins of the chip are welded on the motherboard. BGA's advanced high density packaging technology promotes the realization of the development goal of electronic products towards multi-function, high performance, miniaturization and lightening.

Kingka provides a series of BGA heat sink and thermal solutions for cooling IC and IC with ball gate array (BGA) surface mount packaging. 

BGA heat sinks are so named because they are mounted on a bga devices, so the heatsink installed on BGA device are called BGA heatsink, but they are actually simple aluminum extruded heat sink design to cooling the BGA device. bga heatsinks are usually cross-cut converted extruded fins into pins, which also know as cross fin heat sink , allowing them to be used in a wider range of applications. The number and size of crosscuts depends on the environment.

bga heat sink 1bga heat sink

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