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Extruded Heat Sinks

Extruded heat sinks is also known as extruded aluminum heat sink, heat sink extrusion with beautiful appearance, light weight, good heat dissipation performance, energy saving effect. Simply put, aluminum heat sink extrusion technology is to heat aluminum ingots to 520~540℃ at high temperature, under high pressure to let the aluminum liquid flow through the heat sink extrusion mold with grooves, to make the extruded heat sink material. Then, after cutting and cutting the heat sink extrusion material, the extruded aluminum heat sink we often see is made. Aluminum heat sink extrusion technology is easy to realize, and the cost of equipment is relatively low, so it has been widely used in the low-end market in previous years. AL6063 is a commonly used aluminum heat sink material, which has good thermal conductivity and machinability.

Aluminum Extruded Heat Sinks

Extruded heat sinks

The aluminium extrusion heat sink is generally high-power heat sink and heat sink system. According to the existing mature technology of aluminum extrusion profile heat sink, Kingka thermal center can provide a reliable natural convection environment solution. The complex structure of the heat sink can be realized by extruding aluminum with the die. These complex fins increase the surface area of the heat sink, and reduce the cost and time of aluminum block processing.


1. Feature: Base on aluminum extruding technology, we extrude out the profile first, then do the machining work like cutting,de-burring, CNC milling, drilling, tapping, polishing, surface finishing treatment, assembling, packing, etc.

2. Advantage:

1). More efficient and more cost-saving than mechanical processing;

2). There are a variety of standard shapes and sizes; 

3). Good thermal performance.

3. Capability: Max. extrusion size: W550*H150mm.

 The basic parameter of aluminium extrusion heat sink:


Related processes of aluminium extrusion heat sink:


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