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How do I custom precision machining

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Suppose you need us to make various custom metal fabrication parts for you. Please feel free to leave it to us; we have enough hardware to support any order.

We have a complete engineering guide to CNC machining. Here you can learn how the many different kinds of mills and lathes work and the different materials available, so you can easily compare their benefits & limitations. You'll also learn the basic design rules for machining and the most common applications of each material and surface finish so that you can make the right choices every time.


Custom Build-To-Print Machined Parts Regarding custom engineering and precision manufacturing, our capabilities are vast. We can design and engineer custom parts to meet the strict standards of practically any industry — whether you require services for the military, the automotive industry, the petroleum industry, aerospace, or virtually any other sector. Just speak to us about the custom parts you need for your project, and we'll manufacture them to meet your specifications.

Such as Copper, Copper offers excellent thermal and electrical conductivity, and it's often used for busbars, wire connectors, and other electrical applications. Copper has a glossy reddish-orange appearance.

What tolerance standards do you guarantee? We guarantee that our manufacturing workers follow ISO 2768 standards for CNC machined parts. Parts machined with metal will follow ISO 2768-m (medium) or ISO 2768-f (OK). Parts machined with plastics will follow 2768-m (medium). Geometric tolerances down to ± 0004 in. (0.010 mm) are possible but must be indicated in technical drawings.


KINGKA is a reliable CNC machining china factory with rich experience and industry history. What are you still hesitating? Contact us to get the best quotation!

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