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How To Distinguish The Pros And Cons Of Water Cooling Plates?

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Kingka is a liquid cold plate manufacturer in China, which mainly produces liquid cold plate heat sinks, liquid cooling plates, water cooling plates, etc. Now I teach you how to distinguish the quality of water cooling plates for water cooling heat sinks.

How to distinguish the pros and cons of water cooling plates?

1. Look at the material. Most of the water cooling heat sinks of radiators on the market are designed with aluminum plates buried in copper pipes. This type of water cooling plates using aluminum and copper alloys has a high cost performance and relatively low cost. It is difficult for everyone to look at the quality of aluminum and copper, whether there are impurities, that is, the quality of raw materials.

2. Look at the craft. The material can be the same but the process is different, but the effect of the heat sink is completely different. The process must be started from two aspects, as long as the production is carried out according to the design drawing, the parameters indicated in the drawing are checked with a vernier caliper, and the error is 0.05 mm If the requirements are high, the accuracy can be up to 0.02 mm.

3. Insertion, depending on the workmanship of the water cooling plate, because the process of embedding the aluminum plate through the copper pipe will cause a problem of adhesion. If there is a gap between them, it will affect the heat dissipation effect and even cause water leakage. In addition, the copper pipe and the aluminum plate are connected through the buried pipe process, and then processed by the process of polishing or flying surface, so that the whole water cooling heat sink forms a flat plane. The quality can also be observed from this plane. Flat, whether the copper pipe and the aluminum plate are fused into a plane, gaps or unevenness will affect the heat dissipation effect.

4. Through several aspects, you can roughly judge the pros and cons of a heat sink water-cooling plate. If the requirements are high, you can propose to Kingka to solve the measured data of heat dissipation, and it is more accurate to judge through the data.

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