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How To Judge The Quality Of Liquid Cold Plates?

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liquid cooled cold plate

The heat dissipation of liquid cold plates is becoming more and more common. For manufacturers, it is necessary to make an objective judgment on the quality of liquid cold plates to improve the quality of equipment. Now let the custom liquid cold plate manufacturer introduce to you how to judge the quality of the water-cooling plate.

1. Take a look at its appearance. Products, like humans, are the products of character. Clothing reflects your taste and attitude towards life. The appearance of the product is the same. Basic requirements: uniform chamfer, no burrs, comfortable hand feel, roughness should not be greater than 6.3, no oil residue on the surface, no oxidation and discoloration.

2. Look at the material. In the fierce market competition, in order to reduce costs, the base plate of the liquid cold plate is made of non-national standard materials. The base plate of the liquid cold plate is generally aluminum plate, and some are recast from scrap aluminum, which contains impurity sand holes. If used on an air-cooled radiator, the risk is small, but if used on a liquid cold plate, there will be a risk of leakage and corrosion. For a water-cooled board, the use of non-national standard materials can be less than a few hundred to several thousand yuan, which is an important factor why different companies offer different prices in the market. You can check the source of the material and the material report as well as the SGS report to confirm.

3. Look at the details of this process. The material can be the same, but the process is different, but the effect of the liquid cold plate is very different. The process can start from these aspects.

1) Product size accuracy and hole position accuracy are generally about 0.1 mm, and the consistency is good.

2) Chamfering. For manufacturers who strive for perfection, chamfering must be performed on the machine to ensure the consistency and beauty of the product.

3) Study the deformation of the core components, especially the flatness of the installation area. Under normal circumstances, within 0.1mm of any 100*100 meter area, high requirements can be 0.02mm. The higher the plate shape, the higher the heat dissipation efficiency. You can put the square on the plane and use the plug to see the size of the gap.

4. Look at the waterway formation process. For the liquid cold plate of buried copper pipes, because the copper pipe and the aluminum plate are connected by the buried pipe process, and then after grinding or flying surface treatment, the entire surface of the liquid cold plate forms a plane. To judge the quality, you can also observe whether the quality is flat, whether the copper tube and aluminum plate are merged into a plane, whether there are cracks or unevenness will affect the heat dissipation effect. At the same time, if the joint is soldered with tin, the joint may leak for a long time.

5. Look at packaging and shipping. As the core component of the equipment, the water-cooling plate has the characteristics of heavy quality and high cost. In addition to surface protection, high-quality water-cooled panels also pay attention to the protection of the waterway. Generally, special shields are used to protect the waterway and prevent foreign objects such as dust from entering the waterway. At the same time, for transport packaging, wooden boxes should be used to prevent damage during transport. For cross-regional products with high value and high efficiency, SF Express or Daokou Express is generally recommended.

6. The most important thing is that the water-cooled plate must not have the risk of leakage or leakage. Each product must be leak tested and can pass the burst pressure test at the same time. For brazing products, due to more welding leaks, the void area may be large, especially in the case of thin walls.

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