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How To Make Aluminum Thermal Heat Sink

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Kingka is a thermal heat sink manufacturer and specializing in the production of thermal heat sinks. Aluminum extruded heat sinks have strong thermal conductivity, low density and low prices, so they are favored by major manufacturers.

After the aluminum alloy is made into an aluminum ingot, it needs to go through three stages to become a thermal heat sink.

1. Process aluminum ingots into aluminum extrusions

1) The aluminum ingot is fed into the aluminum mold machine and heated to 500 degrees Celsius, and after melting, the aluminum extrusion mold is filled with high pressure;

2) Aging treatment increases the hardness and facilitates subsequent cutting processing.

3) Cooling, cutting, inspection, packaging and storage

2. Aluminum extrusion is processed into the thermal heat sink

3. The processed thermal heat sink and fan are assembled into a thermal heat sink.

The aluminum thermal heat sink manufacturers formulate corresponding product molds, heat the aluminum ingots to a certain temperature to change the physical form, and then get the various thermal heat sink materials we want from the mold; It can be used after cutting, slitting, polishing, deburring, cleaning, and surface treatment.

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