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Introduction of Skived Fin Heat Sink

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Skived Fin Heat Sink

Skived Fin Heat Sink are the most widely used heat exchange equipment in gas and liquid heat exchangers. It achieves the purpose of enhancing heat transfer by adding fins to the ordinary base tube. The base pipe can be steel pipe; stainless steel pipe; copper pipe, etc. The fin can also be made of steel belt; stainless steel belt, copper belt, aluminum belt, etc.

The Skived Fin Heat Sink is mainly used for air heating in the drying system and is the main equipment in the hot air device. The heat medium used in the radiator can be steam or hot water, or heat transfer oil. The working pressure of steam is generally not more than 0.8Mpa , The temperature of the hot air is below 170°C.

The Custom Skived Fin Heat Sink is mainly composed of three rows of parallel spiral fin tube bundles between the air flow direction. The fin-type heat exchanger adopts mechanical winding, the contact surface of the radiating fin and the radiating tube is large and tight, and the heat transfer performance is good and stable. The air resistance is small, steam or hot water flows through the steel pipe, and the heat is transferred to the air passing through the fins through the fins tightly wound on the steel pipe to achieve the function of heating and cooling the air.

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