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Several common heat sink materials

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Heat sink material is the core part of the radiator. Different heat dissipation materials have different advantages and disadvantages. We can make custom heat sinksfor different purposes according to their characteristics. The following content will introduce you to several common heat sink materials.

copper cpu heatsink

The steel heat sink is beautifully shaped. The thickness of the steel heat sink is relatively light and thin, and the overall weight is also reduced. The color and shape of the appearance according to the customer’s need to customized. The disadvantage is easy to be eroded by water, and we should add anti-corrosion technology inside.

The aluminum heat sink is a kind of heat sink with high-cost performance. The aluminum heat sink has a light and good heat conduction effect. Most of the aluminum fins are extruded and then assembled by the welding process. However, the quality of welding technology is unstable, which quickly affects the quality of the overall radiator. Aluminum alloy will be corroded when encountering alkaline substances, resulting in damage to the radiator. When selecting an aluminum heat sink, pay attention to high-quality products and an alkaline environment.

The copper heat sink is a more advanced choice. Copper materials are deficient in chemical ranking, with only silver, platinum, and gold in front of copper,while the cost of the first three metals is too high to be used in a large area, so copper is the best choice. Copper material has moderate strength, corrosion resistance and will not react with water. Copper materials are widely used in the market, including refrigerators, air conditioners, electric heaters, etc. Copper materials can also maintain normal working conditions in high temperatures and polluted environments without deformation and aging. The only disadvantage is the high cost.

Kingka has been engaged in the hardware processing industry for more than 10 years. Based on our years of professional experience, we suggest you choose a Custom copper heat sink. Kingka has the best technology and equipment, and copper alloy is the best heat sink material. We are committed to providing customers with the best radiator products.

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