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The Development History Of Heat Pipes In Heat Pipe Heat Sinks

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Kingka is one of the aluminum heat sink manufacturers in China, offers heat pipe heat sinks, Chip heat sinks, IGBT heat sinks, etc. Heat pipe heat sink is a major improvement to many old heat sinks or heat exchange products and systems, Kingka introduces The development history of heat pipes.

Heat Pipe Heat Sink 2

The heat pipe is a heat transfer element with high thermal conductivity

1944: R.S. Gaugler of General Motors first proposed the working principle of heat pipes, but his ideas were not widely adopted at that time;

1963: G.M.Grover of Los Alamos laboratory in the United States reinvented this heat transfer element independently, conducted performance tests, and named it to heat pipe-heat pipe;

1965: Cotter first proposed a more complete thermal management theory;

After 1970: the rapid development of heat pipe technology, my country has also begun to conduct research and application of heat pipe technology;

After 1985: The rapid development of the IC industry in accordance with Moore’s Law has led to the development of heat dissipation technology, especially the great development of heat pipe technology, which enables it to be mass-produced and has low costs.

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