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what does cnc mean

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cnc (numerical numerical control machine) is the abbreviation of omputer numerical control. It is an automatic machine tool controlled by a program. It consists of a processing program carrier, a numerical control device, a servo drive device, a machine tool main body and other auxiliary devices. General CNC machining usually refers to computer digital control precision machining, CNC machining lathes, CNC machining milling machines, CNC machining boring and milling machines, etc.

The characteristics of cnc: high flexibility, high processing precision, stable and reliable processing quality, high productivity, improved labor conditions, and modernization of production management.

CNC was created by American creator John Parsons in the 20th century. The United States developed the first CNC machine tool in the world in 1952, and Germany developed the first CNC machine tool in 1956.

Cnc (CNC machine tools) are widely used in the fields of national defense and aviation, automobile industry, mold making, machining, parts structure and so on.

CNC can also refer to a processing method, which refers to computer numerical control machining, that is, a method of using digital information to control the processing process and movement of machining, or a method equipped with a program control system. automated machine tools. The cnc processing method has the advantages of stable processing quality and high production efficiency.

The disadvantage of CNC machining is that the equipment cost of CNC machine tools is relatively high, which is not suitable for large-scale application.

In addition, CNC machine tools have relatively high requirements for maintenance and management, and need to be equipped with professional maintenance personnel.

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