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What Should Be Paid Attention To In The Later Stage Of Aluminum Heat Sink Processing?

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The aluminum heat sink is processed by aluminum profile. After CNC deep processing, some post-processing is needed to make the custom aluminum heat sink have better aesthetics. Generally speaking, there will be: wire drawing, removing Burr, vibration grinding, cleaning and other processes.

custom aluminum heat sink

Wire drawing means that if the surface of the processed aluminum heat sink is too rough, it needs to be wire drawn. The excess rough thorns can be ground off by the grinding belt of the wire drawing machine, or the wire drawing can be used to repair the poor work.

Vibration grinding is an abrasive tool with vibration, which grinds away the processing marks on the surface of the aluminum heat sink to form a smooth and uniform surface, especially for products that require flatness. Vibration is indispensable.

Deburring is to use a professional burr knife to remove the burrs processed by the aluminum heat sink, especially those small burrs in the holes or sandwiched between the teeth. A special small burr knife can be used to clean it.

Cleaning can also be called natural conductive oxidation, which refers to the process in which aluminum parts undergo conductive oxidation to enhance their corrosion resistance and conductivity to prevent interference from electromagnetic signals. In addition to this feature, it can also improve the surface of aluminum heat sinks. The finish.

In addition to the above treatments, aluminum heat sink manufacturers will also perform special processing such as anodized black oxidation according to customer needs to enhance the corrosion resistance of aluminum heat sinks or turn them into the required black.

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