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Why choose 5- axis CNC machining

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As a CNC machining parts manufacturer, KINGKA has always been at the forefront of the industry in terms of technology. We are also mature in this kind of latest technology for the 5- axis CNC machining .

This article will introduce you to the advantages of 5 -axis CNC machining.


5- axis CNC machining can achieve an angular tolerance of 0.002 which is basically meet all your needs. Before the emergence of 5 -axis CNC machining, many designs were called impossible machining, but the 5- axis CNC machining breaks this limitation. Our engineers are also senior engineers in the CNC machining industry,which can process of 5 -axis CNC machining with safety and high efficiency.


5-axis CNC machining is not like traditional CNC machining :it does not move through the workstation,while move independently on five axes, which can work more accuracy and efficiency. When processing complex products, 5 -axis CNC machining can be done separately. There is no need to process multiple times in stages. In terms of the use of machining tool, the tool used in 5- axis CNC machining is shorter, and the vibration amplitude is more minor. This makes the error produced by 5- axis CNC machining more minor and the accuracy is also higher.


The ordinary 3- axis CNC machining machine usually only moves on the X, Y, and Z linear axes,but the tool of 5-axis CNC machining will move on the other A and B linear axes. In this way, the tool can approach the part in all directions. The emergence of 5- axis CNC machining technology means that multiple settings, parts transfer, and parts handling steps that require manual intervention in traditional CNC machining are banned. At the same time can reduce the possibility of errors caused by human factors. The high-efficiency work also reduces processing time and labor consumption,which will reduce the product cost directly,that means customer can buy the better products for less money.


KINGKA Technology Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 2010 and is a precision CNC precision machining leader in China. Our products have applications in various fields and we have rich experience and muscular technical strength. We not only provide 5 axis CNC machining services, but we can also provide ordinary rapid machining services.

Do not worried about the complex structure of the product or hesitating about the high price of complex processing procedures ,our 5 -axis CNC machining technology can meet all you requirements.


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