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Why Clean The Heat Sink?

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A thermal heat sink is installed in many machines to protect the normal operation of the machine and transmit the high temperature generated when the machine is running. Kingka is the leading aluminum heat sink manufacturer in China. Many customers think that the heat sink does not need to be cleaned. Now let me share with you why we clean the heat sink?


During the operation of the machine, the heat sink will accumulate a lot of dirt, such as dust, grease, etc. If it is not cleaned up in time, this dirt will accumulate and become more difficult to clean. What's more serious is that it will cause the machine to fail to dissipate heat in time, and the high temperature will make the machine not work properly. Decrease system production, increase energy consumption and material consumption, cause more money, and sometimes cause equipment and pipeline wiring failures. If it is more serious, the corrosion of dirt will cause process interruption and equipment system shutdown, and some will cause Some production accidents.

So what are the benefits of cleaning the heat sink?

1. A good heat sink can keep the machine running normally and ensure production efficiency. If the dirty heat sink is not cleaned in time, it will affect the heat exchange effect, generate high temperature, and finally affect the operation of the machine.

2. If there is dirt on the heat sink and the heat exchange effect is not good, the machine needs to consume more energy and our cost will be higher. Only by cleaning the heat sink in time and ensuring the production efficiency of the machine can we reduce our investment.

3. Extend the life of machinery and reduce accidents. Regular cleaning of the heat sink can reduce the damage caused by some corrosive dirt to the machine and extend the life of the machine proudly. And this can also reduce the occurrence of some mechanical failures caused by dirt.

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