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Why Heat Sink Industries promotes the development of science and technology

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Why are there radiators everywhere around us? It is because humanity has entered the information age in the 21st century, and all kinds of home appliances and equipment are brilliant. These electronic components are heat sources one by one, and the working efficiency of semiconductors is inversely proportional to heat. Therefore, to ensure that the working efficiency of electrical appliances is maintained at a stable level, engineers have equipped all heating appliances with radiators.

Electric appliances of different sizes require different radiators. The most straightforward heat sink is to attach a Passive Heat Sink to the heating element. Using the thermal conductivity of the radiator material and the larger air contact surface for passive heat dissipation, this is also the simplest air-cooled heat dissipation. In the case of slightly higher heat dissipation requirements, we will install a fan on the radiator, improving the heat dissipation efficiency. This design is ubiquitous in PC cases due to the small space inside the case. A single fan cannot solve the heating problem of highly integrated electronic components. Generally, an air duct composed of three fans can solve this problem. Two fans are responsible for inhaling cold air, and the other two fans are responsible for exhausting hot air. This design dramatically improves the heat dissipation efficiency.

What should I do when I need to work longer and have a longer working life radiator? At this time, you need to choose Heat Pipe Heat Sink and a water-cooled radiator. Because the working life of the high-speed rotation of the fan is limited, and the heat conduction efficiency of the air is not high. Facilities such as integrated servers and signal base stations with more serious heat need to use heat sinks with higher heat conductivity. Most Inverter Heat Sink and Server Heat Sink use the above two heat dissipation designs or a heat dissipation system that combines the two designs. With the rapid development of science and technology, electrical equipment integration is getting higher and higher, and heat generation is increasing. If there is no suitable heat dissipation method, it will not operate at total capacity, no matter how good the equipment is. Therefore, Heat Sink Industries play a vital role in the development of science and technology.


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