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Application Of Electronic Heat Sink

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Nowadays, the sales of electronic products are getting better and better, but when electronic products are used for a long time, they will generate heat and hot phenomenon, so it is very important to choose a good electronic heat sink.

As we all know, electronic products use some integrated circuits, and the most afraid of integrated circuits is high temperature, so only the correct way to dissipate heat can be used to allow electronic devices to operate normally. Insufficient or inadequate heat dissipation will shorten the service life of electronic devices.

The function of the electronic aluminum heat sink is to absorb the heat and then dissipate it to the inside or outside of the case to ensure the normal temperature of the mechanical parts. Many custom aluminum heat sinks are used by contacting heat generating components to absorb heat, and then transfer the heat away.

The electronic heat sink is made of aluminum alloy sheet by stamping process and surface treatment, while the large-scale electronic custom aluminum heat sinks is made of aluminum alloy extruded into a profile, and then made by mechanical processing and surface treatment. They have various shapes and sizes for different device installations and devices with different power consumption. The heat sink compound for electronics is generally a standard part, but profiles can also be provided, and the user can cut it into a certain length according to the requirements to make a non-standard heat sink. The surface treatment of the heat sink compound for electronics includes electrophoretic paint or black oxygen polarization treatment, the purpose of which is to improve the heat dissipation efficiency and insulation performance. It can increase by 10 15% under natural cooling and 3% under ventilation cooling. Electrophoretic painting can withstand voltage of 500-800V.

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