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  • Application Of Electronic Heat Sink


    Nowadays, the sales of electronic products are getting better and better, but when electronic products are used for a long time, they will generate heat and hot phenomenon, so it is very important to choose a good electronic heat sink.As we all know, electronic products use some integrated circuits, Read More

  • How To Judge The Quality Of Electronic Heat Sink?


    Common new electronic heat sink products generally include steel, aluminum, copper, copper-aluminum composite, stainless steel, etc. Among them, steel has high pressure bearing, good thermal function, sturdiness and durability, but it is afraid of oxygen corrosion; aluminum has fast heat dissipation Read More

  • Relevant Requirements For The Use Environment Of Electronic Heat Sink


    Electronic heat sink is a kind of radiator emerging in recent years. Electronic heat sink is a product that combines heat pipe technology and radiator technology. Its heat dissipation efficiency is extremely high. Read More

  • What Are The Types Of Electronic Heat Sink?


    The types of electronic heat sinks can be roughly divided into aluminum heat sinks, insert heat sinks, high-density heat sinks, combined heat sinks, plate heat sinks, shell heat sinks, spade heat sinks, water-cooled heat sinks, heat pipe heat sinks, etc. Read More

  • What Is The Electronic Heat Sink Used For?


    An electronic heat sink is a heat exchanger and is the most common method of cooling electronic equipment. Read More

  • Classification Of Electronic Heat Sink


    Classification of electronic heat sink:Steel Electronic heat sink: large water storage capacity, better heat dissipation effect, lightweight, beautiful spray surface, rich and diverse forms, and high strength. There are requirements for the heating system (system water supply), if the system is not Read More

  • Material Of Electronic Heat Sink


    Find thermal heat sink manufacture in China, Choose Kingka to custom heat sinks. Read More

  • The Choice Of Electronic Heat Sink


    Choosing the right electronic heat sink has a great impact on the life of the product. Read More


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