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Power Amplifier Heat Sink | Kingka

Friction welding is to realize the solid-state welding approach. Under the effect of pressure and with the effects of constant or increase pressure and torque, the relative motion between the welding contacts generates the heat of friction and plastic deformation heat. This effect increases the temperature in the neighboring area to the temperature range which is slightly lower than the melting point. The material’s resistance to deformation is reduced and its plasticity is enhanced. As the oxide film on the interface is ruptured and with the effect of upsetting pressure, the material generates plastic deformation and begins to flow. The molecular diffusion and recrystallization therefore realize the solid-state welding approach.


Using friction welding for heat sinks can resolve the technical bottleneck of joining two or more materials to form high-aspect-ratio ultra-wide products. Moreover, its tooling cost is lower with a short cycle time and higher stability. Based on the data that has been accumulated by our R&D team in the long run.

Step 1: Two or more than two extrusion heat sink


Step 2: Join the materials by friction welding to form a larger cross section


Step 3: Form the integrated appearance and uniform performance after machining.


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