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Benefits of Using a Vortex Liquid Cold Plate for Cooling Applications

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I. Introduction

Multiple electronics around us are used widely for different applications. Some are high-power electronics, and their components generate a lot of heat. The problem of heat production needs to be sorted because overheating components lead to damage, and hence the life of these power electronics may be shortened.

Therefore the electronic components are always manufactured with a thermal management system, and using a vortex liquid cold plate is one of the best options.

There are many advantages of using a vortex liquid cold plate as compared to other cooling methods, and some of these advantages are provided in this guide. If you are looking forward to knowing more about them, do read below:


II. Increased heat transfer rates

Vortex liquid cold plates are used in many electronics like power generation, and they carry out the task of heat transfer at a high rate. These cold plates offer a cooling system that is used in electronics.

The vortex cold plates consist of fins and channels, which create a whirlpool of liquid coolant, and this coolant moves with a high turbulent flow through the surface of the plate. The heat transfer process increases as soon as the turbulence in the liquid increases, so the device is cooled down.

Compared to different cooling techniques like air cooling or other forms of liquid cooling, the vortex cold places offer an effective heat transfer. Air cooling has a limited thermal conductivity, and other liquid cooling systems have such flow patterns that hinder the process, and hence the heat transfer is less.

Vortex liquid cold plates are used in many applications, especially the ones that need a high heat transfer rate, like power generation, high-power GPUs and CPUs, and many other components that release a lot of heat. It can also be used in gas turbines to cool down the components used.

III. Reduced pressure drop

Pressure drop is the resistance against the coolant liquid, which must be reduced so that the cooling mechanism works efficiently. The vortex liquid cold plates offer a reduced pressure drop, so the heat is dissipated quickly and more efficiently.

When these plates are compared to other cooling techniques like heat sinks or liquid cooling techniques involving channels, the vortex liquid cold plates offer a low-pressure drop suitable for many high-power electronics.

The low-pressure drop has multiple benefits when it comes to cooling the different electronic devices, and the major benefit is low energy consumption. Since there is less resistance for the fluid to encounter, it needs less energy, reducing the cost of energy.

Also, the low-pressure drop even increases the life of the electronic devices because the stress over a system that arises due to resistance does not exist.

Reduced drop pressure of vortex liquid cold plate offers benefits in many applications, among which, in the automobile industry, offers lower carbon emissions and fuel efficiency. On the other hand, the aerospace industry offers lightweight and efficient cooling systems and consumes less fuel.

vortex liquid cold plate

IV. Enhanced cooling efficiency

Vortex liquid cold plates are efficient when it comes to their cooling process because they allow the fluid to spread evenly in all areas; hence, the cooling is efficient. Traditional cooling methods might not offer this level of uniformity.

The vortex liquid cold plate comprises a vortex tube that allows the hot and cold liquid to separate, and hence it offers an efficient heat dissipation to help cool the device more efficiently.

There are many advantages offered by vortex liquid cold plates compared to other methods in terms of efficiency.

The heat sinks that use liquid for cooling offer uneven spreading of liquid when they have flaws in design and tech air cooling methods lack thermal efficiency. At the same time, the vortex liquid cold plates have a balanced cooling efficiency compared to these methods.

Many applications of vortex liquid cold plates require this level of efficiency, and among them, the most common examples are medical and industrial equipment. This equipment needs to be cooled down to ensure the overheating doesn't damage the machinery. Also, a quick cooling process is undertaken for medical equipment to preserve the samples.

V. Compact size and weight

The design and structure of vortex liquid cold plates are compact and lightweight, making them different from other heat sinks because the simplicity of their design allows them to be adaptable for every kind of electronics.

This compact size and lightweight layout ensure that the devices can easily install the vortex liquid cold plate. Due to their lightweight, they add portability to electronic devices. Moreover, many such electronic devices have a structure that comprises a limited space. Hence, the lightweight design of these plates allows them to be fixed inside, and consequently, the heat can be dissipated.

Vortex liquid cold plates are opted for by multiple industrial applications because of their lightweight and compact structure, especially in military and space applications. The compact size suits the equipment and vehicles that need portability.

Also, in space applications, the weight of the components is limited; hence when cooling systems are required, the vortex liquid cold plate is a suitable choice. At one point, it offers a quick solution of heat transfer and protects the device in the long run and, on the other hand, makes the electronic device light in weight and portable.

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VI. Improved reliability and lifespan

It is imperative to ensure that when a cooling system is chosen for any electronic device, it must add reliability and increase the lifespan of that device.

Vortex liquid cold plates do this job quite efficiently. It reduces the stress on the components with its low-pressure drop. Also, it has a separate channel for hot and cold fluid that ensures heat transfer is efficiently taking place, and components need not to work very hard to dissipate the heat.

The reliability and lifespan of the devices are backed with multiple other advantages, like the decreased cost of maintenance and reduced downtime, which makes the device work efficiently. Also, these aspects ensure that chances of component failure also reduce, and hence the life of the equipment tends to increase.

Reliability and improved lifespan are benefits of the vortex liquid cold plates that are quite usable in the data center and telecommunication industries because the network equipment used in these industries requires; reliable working with better uptime and reduced maintenance cost.

VII. Conclusion

It is equally important to have hands on the right cold plates to make the most of these benefits of vortex liquid cold plates discussed above. The quality and structure of the vortex liquid cold plates matter greatly when attaining maximum benefits. Hence a reliable manufacturer must be chosen.

At Kingkatech, we offer various vortex liquid cold plates suitable for all applications. The quality and reliability of these plates are commendable, and also, if you like to have a customized plate manufactured for your applications, you can have that. So, contact us today and discuss your requirements so we can provide you with an optimum solution.

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