Liquid Cold Plate

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  • What is a Liquid Cold Plate?


    If you've ever used a computer or electronic device, you've heard of liquid cooling. It's a method of keeping these devices cool to prevent overheating and ensure optimal performance. While traditional methods like fans and heatsinks are limited, liquid cooling offers a more efficient and effective Read More
  • Liquid Cold Plate Heat Sink vs. Liquid Cooling Loop


    Find out the difference between a liquid cold plate heat sink and a liquid cooling loop. Discover how each type of cooling system works. Read More
  • Liquid Cold Plate Heat Sink Environmental Impact


    Looking for a more sustainable solution for cooling components? See what environmental impact a liquid cold plate heat sink has and how it can help reduce your carbon footprint. Read More
  • The Importance of Quality Control in Liquid Cold Plate Manufacturing


    The Importance of Quality Control in Liquid Cold Plate Manufacturing I. IntroductionElectronics are always present around us; some may be high-power electronics, and some may be low-power electronics. One of the primary considerations with electronics is that they produce heat. Hence, it is essentia Read More
  • 850W Liquid Cold Plate Thermal Solution


    The design requirements:TO-247 Chipset;Total power: 850W(24 pcs);Thermal power : 35.4W for each chipsetThermal pad ( thermal conductivity) =5W/m.k Al6063 Material for Al baseLiquid cold plate with FSW process Input flow rate 4L/MinInlet water Tem 55 ℃Environment 55℃ Read More
  • Benefits of Using a Vortex Liquid Cold Plate for Cooling Applications


    I. IntroductionMultiple electronics around us are used widely for different applications. Some are high-power electronics, and their components generate a lot of heat. The problem of heat production needs to be sorted because overheating components lead to damage, and hence the life of these power e Read More
  • What is a Vortex Liquid Cold Plate and How Does It Work?


    The cooling mechanism of the electronics is very important because it determines the performance and life of these electronics. If appropriate cooling methods are not considered, the devices may heat up and not perform as they should. Different cooling methods are used to ensure that these devices w Read More
  • Liquid Cold Plate Manufacturing: Materials and Processes


    I. IntroductionOne of the significant problems with electronics is the release of heat that needs to be managed. Every electronic device must go through a heat dissipation process so that the components may last longer. Such electronics which do not have a proper heat dissipation mechanism end up ov Read More
  • Production process of Liquid Cold Plate


    The liquid cold plate is a kind of heat transfer element through liquid cooling, the principle is in the metal sheet processing to form a flow channel, electronic components installed on the surface of the plate (coated in the middle of the heat conduction medium), the coolant from the plate inlet i Read More
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