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Is the CPU heat sink an air-cooled heat sink or a water-cooled heat sink?

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The computer CPU is a large heat-generating component in the computer hardware configuration. If the temperature of the CPU is too high, it may affect the normal operation of the computer, so it must have a matching heat sink to stabilize the normal operation of the computer. There are air-cooled heat sinks and water-cooled heat sinks on the market, so which of these two heat sinks is better?

Chip Heat Sink 7

Air-cooled heat sink

Advantages: cheap. Even the top air-cooled heat sink is much cheaper than the water-cooled heat sink.

Disadvantages: The heat dissipation efficiency is much lower than that of water-cooled heat sinks.

cold plate liquid cooling

Water cooling heat sink

Advantages: high heat dissipation efficiency, which can significantly reduce the temperature of the hardware when it is working. At the same time, the air-cooled heat dissipation of the chassis is shared, which can further improve the dust resistance of the chassis.

Disadvantages: high cost. The entry level must be more than $300. Generally, only high-end computers use water-cooled heat dissipation, but the installation of water-cooled heat dissipation is very convenient.

The custom heat sink that meets the requirements can be ordered according to the computer's cost budget and use environment.

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