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  • Liquid Cold Plate Heat Sink Environmental Impact


    Looking for a more sustainable solution for cooling components? See what environmental impact a liquid cold plate heat sink has and how it can help reduce your carbon footprint. Read More
  • Designing a heat sink for a 500W laser equipment


    Laser equipment typically generates a significant amount of heat, necessitating an effective heat dissipation system to maintain stable operating temperatures. The following are some basic requirements for laser equipment heat sinks.High heat dissipation efficiency: Laser equipment requires an effic Read More
  • Case Study: Heat Sink Simulation


    Heat Sink AuthorPeter KrishReport dateMay 20, 2023, 8:58:40 PMSummaryThis example models the cooling characteristics of the n19 aluminum heat sink from Alpha Company Ltd The model studies the temperature distribution in the sink and in the flow.Contents1. Global Definitions 1.1. Parameters 2. Comp Read More
  • How to Control Heat Sink Accuracy


    How to Control Heat Sink AccuracyWe can achieve tighter tolerances on shafts with up to H7 fits with manual quoting and on occasion tighter. Read more about how to prepare a technical drawing here. What are the minimum and maximum dimensions you can machine? At workshops we offer CNC milling (3-axis Read More
  • KINGKA at Heat Sink Industries


    KINGKA at Heat Sink IndustriesMany standard lengths are stocked, while custom lengths can be manufactured in as little as 3 – 4 weeks after receipt of the order. The 120mm fan can be either AC or DC, depending on the available power in your assembly. These assemblies can also be drilled, tapped, mac Read More
  • What Is The Material Of The High Power Heat Sink


    The high-power heat sink is used in large-scale machines to dissipate the heat generated by the operation of large-scale machines to ensure the normal operation of the machines. So what material is the heat sink of the high-power heat sink made of?The heat sink of a high-power heat sink has a specia Read More
  • How To Maintain Heat Sinks So As To Extend Their Service Life?


    In the heat sink industry, many well-known heat sink brands are deeply loved by the market by providing excellent product features and practical functions. As a heat sink manufacturer, Shengyida also pays special attention to the product characteristics and practical functions of the heat sink. Thes Read More
  • Bonded Fins Heat Sink - Kingkatech


    Kingkatech is one of aluminum heat sink suppliers in China, and has become a long-term partner with more than 100 customers around the world. We look forward to your joining. If you need to customize Bonded Fins Heat Sink and LED Heat Sink, contact us now. Read More
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