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  • Custom Heat Sinks: Air Or Liquid Cooling?


    Custom Heat Sinks: Air or Liquid Cooling?In today's rapidly advancing world of electronics, where smaller devices generate more heat, the importance of effective thermal management cannot be overstated. Custom heat sinks are pivotal in this quest for efficient heat dissipation. But as the demand for Read More
  • How is the radiator designed?


    How is the radiator designed? Before discussing this issue, we must first clarify the direction and thinking. The ultimate purpose of the radiator is to control the object's heat and maintain the instrument's working efficiency at the highest level. The performance of many semiconductor materials is Read More
  • Material Of Electronic Heat Sink


    Find thermal heat sink manufacture in China, Choose Kingka to custom heat sinks. Read More
  • The Choice Of Electronic Heat Sink


    Choosing the right electronic heat sink has a great impact on the life of the product. Read More




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