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  • What Is The Material Of The High Power Heat Sink


    The high-power heat sink is used in large-scale machines to dissipate the heat generated by the operation of large-scale machines to ensure the normal operation of the machines. So what material is the heat sink of the high-power heat sink made of?The heat sink of a high-power heat sink has a specia Read More

  • How to choose the correct radiator


    How to choose the correct radiatorWith the development of industry and the progress of science and technology, the demand for radiators is increasing. But how to choose the correct radiator among a wide variety of radiators. We will put forward some suggestions on this.The first method is to select Read More

  • Principle And Characteristics Of Heat Pipe Heat Sink


    Principle and characteristics of heat pipe heat sinkIntroduction of heat pipe heat sinkThe heat pipe is a heat transfer element with high thermal conductivity. It transfers heat through the evaporation and condensation of the working fluid in the fully enclosed vacuum tube shell. It has extremely hi Read More

  • Advantages Of Cold Forged Heat Sink


    The cold forged heat sink is widely used in the heat dissipation of LED lamps and has the following advantages:(1) The price of cold forging die is not high, which can effectively control the cost;(2) High production capacity, suitable for mass production;(3) The mold production cycle is relatively Read More

  • How To Maintain Heat Sinks So As To Extend Their Service Life?


    In the heat sink industry, many well-known heat sink brands are deeply loved by the market by providing excellent product features and practical functions. As a heat sink manufacturer, Shengyida also pays special attention to the product characteristics and practical functions of the heat sink. Thes Read More

  • How To Judge The Quality Of Electronic Heat Sink?


    Common new electronic heat sink products generally include steel, aluminum, copper, copper-aluminum composite, stainless steel, etc. Among them, steel has high pressure bearing, good thermal function, sturdiness and durability, but it is afraid of oxygen corrosion; aluminum has fast heat dissipation Read More


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