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How To Judge The Quality Of Electronic Heat Sink?

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Common new electronic heat sink products generally include steel, aluminum, copper, copper-aluminum composite, stainless steel, etc. Among them, steel has high pressure bearing, good thermal function, sturdiness and durability, but it is afraid of oxygen corrosion; aluminum has fast heat dissipation, good decoration, and oxidation resistance, but it is afraid of alkaline water corrosion, and is not suitable for high-rise living conditions. Because the water pressure resistance is small; the copper is corrosion-resistant, beautiful in shape, the best thermal conductivity, and the fastest heat, but the price is relatively expensive. In recent years, new electronic heat sink products have gradually replaced traditional heat sink products with their excellent appearance and good heat dissipation performance.

Next, Kingka will give you a detailed introduction on how to judge the quality of electronic heat sinks for your reference!

1. The surface of the heat sink should be free of shrinkage, corrosion, cracks and other defects.

2.The metal fasteners of the flat electronic heat sink and the conductive sheet of the water-cooled heat sink should be protected by plating.

3. The maximum allowable value of the surface roughness of the heat sink is 3.2.

4. The flatness of the heat sink is not less than level 9.

5. The surface of the heat sink used in humid tropical power semiconductor devices should be protected, and its resistance to salt spray, humidity and mold should meet the standards of tropical power semiconductor devices.

6.The fasteners and insulating parts dedicated for electronic heat sinks should conform to the heat sink insulating parts and fasteners for power semiconductor devices.

7. The tightening torque or tightening pressure of the electronic heat sink and power semiconductor installation should meet the relevant regulations of the device product standard.

Faced with all kinds of heat sink products, the insider looks at the doorway, while the outsider can only watch the excitement. Although the appearance of various products is not much different, there are many differences in the process flow of heat sink products of different brands, and this difference often determines the quality of the product. As a leading electronic heat sink manufacturer, Kingka has excellent product quality and reasonable prices. It is a good choice for you.

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