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What Is The Material Of The High Power Heat Sink

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The high-power heat sink is used in large-scale machines to dissipate the heat generated by the operation of large-scale machines to ensure the normal operation of the machines. So what material is the heat sink of the high-power heat sink made of?

The heat sink of a high-power heat sink has a special statement. Generally speaking, it is an aluminum extrusion type, because the aluminum material is soft and easier to process. In the early days, more purchases were made. Aluminum extrusion is actually Heat the aluminum ingot at high temperature. The common heat sink aluminum extruded heat sink has low cost and low technical requirements, but the heat dissipation effect is not ideal. The electronic heat sink of high temperature fan later appeared a kind of copper heat sink. The heat sinks made in the market are generally made of aluminum and copper. The flexible heat sink is a thin plate of copper or aluminum, which is folded by a forming machine. The fins are formed into one piece, and then the upper and lower bottom plates are fixed with a piercing mold, and then a high-frequency metal welding machine is used to combine with the processed base as a whole, because the manufacturing process is continuous joining. The fin pitch of the electronic heat sink has a great influence on the phase change process. The smaller the fin pitch, the more obvious the enhancement of the overall heat transfer performance of the electronic custom heat sink. However, the reduction of the fin pitch means the filling amount of phase change material The reduction of the electronic aluninum heat sink and the increase of the weight of the electronic heat sink are not good for the maximum heat dissipation efficiency of the electronic heat sink.

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