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Production process of Liquid Cold Plate

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The liquid cold plate is a kind of heat transfer element through liquid cooling, the principle is in the metal sheet processing to form a flow channel, electronic components installed on the surface of the plate (coated in the middle of the heat conduction medium), the coolant from the plate inlet into the outlet, the element of the heat away. 

The common processes of the formation of water cooling plate runner are friction welding, vacuum brazing, buried copper pipe, deep hole drilling and so on.

If the radiator is understood as a heat exchanger, the radiator + water cooling plate + water pump + pipeline, forming a complete liquid cooling system. The water cooling plate is responsible for absorbing the heat of the heating element and transferring it through the liquid, and the radiator is responsible for absorbing the heat in the added liquid with the fins, and then exchanging the heat with the surface of the fins through the outside air, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling and refrigeration of the components.


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