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What Are The Types Of Electronic Heat Sink?

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The types of electronic heat sinks can be roughly divided into aluminum heat sinks, insert heat sinks, high-density heat sinks, combined heat sinks, plate heat sinks, shell heat sinks, spade heat sinks, water-cooled heat sinks, heat pipe heat sinks, etc.

When users have high heat dissipation requirements, they should choose aluminum heat sinks or shovel-tooth heat sinks. This is because aluminum heat sinks are extruded in one process. The heat conduction rate is very fast and the heat attenuation is very small. However, many aluminum profiles The radiator may not exactly meet the user's electronic device space planning, so it needs to be selected according to the manual and then processed and manufactured by means such as milling.

When the user's heat dissipation requirements are not very high and the device installation space needs to be planned, you can choose to insert heat sinks or combined heat sinks. These electronic heat sinks can be processed according to the user's CAD drawings. The insert radiator can also meet the needs of super-power heat dissipation, and the appearance and size are very flexible.

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