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Thermoelectric Heat Sink

Thermoelectric heat sink is compact units that control the temperature of a wide variety of applications, such as laser diode packages in active optics, lasers in medical and industrial instrumentation, electronic enclosures, sample storage chambers in medical diagnostics and analytical instruments and batteries in various automotive and telecom applications. Thermoelectric cooler assemblies have a cooling capacity spectrum ranging from approximately 10 to 400 Watts, and can cool by removing heat from control sources through convection, conduction, or liquid means.

Thermoelectric heat sink assemblies offer several advantages over other cooling technologies. For example, conventional fan trays do not cool below ambient temperatures and require an air exchange with the outside environment. On the other hand, thermoelectric cooler assemblies can cool to well below ambient and protect electronics inside enclosures from outside contaminants, and also limit moisture exposure from the outside environment. Thermoelectric cooler assemblies also offer precise temperature control, accurate to within 0.01˚C under steady-state conditions.




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