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How to control equipment temperature in factory workshop

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In life, we often can experience the distress caused by heat. Maybe it just makes you feel uncomfortable. But in industrial production, heat is a significant factor affecting productivity. Many factories install a lot of air conditioners in their workshops to lower the environment's temperature. As a senior cold plate manufacturer, we can tell you that this method does not get an excellent cooling effect. Air conditioning can lower the temperature of the air. The cool air temperature makes workers feel comfortable, but the heat conduction efficiency of the air is not high. The effect of lowering the ambient temperature on the local heating of the equipment is minimal. Only when the air outlet of the air conditioner is close to the heating source can a specific effect.

Therefore, most factory workshops will use a dedicated cold plate for specific cooling and heat dissipation of the local heating source. This targeted heat dissipation method can well control the local heating of the equipment. In terms of cost, a custom water cold plate is much lower than buying air conditioners. Moreover, the heat dissipation effect of the cold water plate is also perfect, which can effectively protect the equipment and avoid damage to the equipment caused by local heating.

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