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KINGKA at Heat Sink Industries

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Many standard lengths are stocked, while custom lengths can be manufactured in as little as 3 – 4 weeks after receipt of the order. The 120mm fan can be either AC or DC, depending on the available power in your assembly. These assemblies can also be drilled, tapped, machined, plated, or painted to your specific requirements.



Copper and cold sprayed hybrid-heat sinks have almost identical thermal results and substantially outperformed the aluminum heat sink, thus showing the importance of quick heat spreading along the base. At the same time, the hybrid-heat sink weighed less than the copper heat sink. Indeed, hybrid-heat sinks manufactured by cold spraying have higher production costs than commercially available aluminum heat sinks; however, adding a layer of copper to an aluminum heat sink decreases its thermal resistance by 48%. This directly affects the production costs since the semiconductor area can be decreased by 94%. Besides, the deposition efficiency and deposition rates of copper powder by the cold spray process are 95% (including overspray) and 10 kg/h, respectively, indicating the potential of the CS process to realize a cost-effective large-scale industrial production.


KINGKA strives to be the number one thermal solution provider when high power is present in your application. We offer an array of heatsinks to meet the needs of not only power resistors but of all active devices as well. Many heatsinks offered by KINGKA are fitted with a patented clip system, eliminating the use of screws and holes for installation. This innovative clipping system aims to provide users with a more straightforward, more streamlined assembly process. From single device screw-mounted heatsinks to extensive custom extrusion profiles, KINGKA's product offering will have the heatsink required for your application. Our heatsinks include Aluminum Alloy 6063-T5 or equivalent materials and are ROHS compliant.


Gel-type heat sink compound protects painted and finished surfaces from discoloration and helps reduce the danger of fire to studs, drywall, and insulation due to nearby torch operations. Non-staining, the no-drip formula leaves no residue.



How to choose this product A heat sink cools electronic components and power semiconductors to avoid damage from overheating. The component is attached to the metal sink, whose fins facilitate heat dissipation by convection. Applications These devices are used in electronics to cool processors and power and amplification circuits. Technologies Vertical orientation is preferred in the case of passive convection. A fan can be added if necessary. The shape of the sink is adapted to that of the component. Its structure increases the heat dissipation surface area. Some are available in the form of bars that we can cut to size. The sink's dissipation capacity is a function of its thermal resistance, expressed in degrees Celsius per watt (°C/W). The value should be as low as possible. Calculation of size is based on thermal resistance, ambient temperature, the acceptable junction temperature of the component, and the power it will dissipate. The component is screwed, clipped to the sink, or attached using a thermo-conductive adhesive. Generally, the two must be electrically isolated. This is accomplished using a mica insulator, a thermo-conductive silicone or silver paste, or a flexible silicone insulator without paste. Choosing the Choice of heat sink will depend on component configuration and thermal resistance, using the appropriate calculations.


Heat Sink Industries Asia Pacific is expected to hold the largest market share and the highest growth rate in the coming years. This is due to the continuous increase in the investments made by the regional companies to increase the production capacity. Furthermore, Asia Pacific has the largest automobile and electronics market, which also stimulates the market's growth. Moreover, this region is the hotspot for most key players to gather enhanced market share. This is owed to the increased manufacturing activities in the countries such as China, India, Japan, & Korea.


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