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The working principle and advantages of CNC machining

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Often CNC machining will be referred to as CNC machining CNC lathes, electronic computer numerical control machines precision machining, CNC machining milling machines, CNC machining CNC boring machines, etc. It is a new machining technology that is mainly responsible for customizing machining programs and converting the original manual production work to software programming. And manual production machining requires a certain level of experience.


This article will introduce in detail the working principle of CNC machining and its advantages. Let's learn more about it!

The working principle of CNC processing

1, when the CNC system is activated, the required processing specifications will be programmed into the system, and the related tasks to the corresponding special tools and equipment, so they are like intelligent robots to implement a specific size task.


2. In CNC milling machine programming, the code generator in the data system is usually set to perfect samples. Although the probability of problems exists, the probability of such cases will be higher when the CNC machine equipment is marked while cutting in different directions. CNC blade placement in the CNC system is composed of a series of part program insertion briefs.

3, the application of CNC lathe, through the open hole card keyed into the program. In contrast, the CNC lathe program is through the small numeric keyboard electronic computer. CNC programming is saved in the computer memory. The code itself is written and written by the programmer. Thus, CNCs give a more general level of computation. Crucially, the CNC system is not static and it can be added to the pre-saved program by changing the code due for the remainder of the upgrade.

The advantages of CNC machining

1、Massively reduce the number of tooling, processing the more complex specifications of the parts does not need to be complicated engineering. Only need to transform the form and specifications of the parts, and change the processing procedures of the parts can be, but this is more applicable to the development and design of new products and renewal and transformation.

2、Smooth processing quality, processing high precision.

3、In the case of a small production of many products, the production, and manufacturing efficiency is high, which can reduce the time of production site management, CNC lathe adjustment, and process inspection, and reduce the cutting time according to the cutting volume.

4、It can process complex shapes that cannot be processed conventionally and can process some unobservable processing positions.

The above is the principle and advantages of CNC machining, if you want to know more, or want to CNC machining related complex products, you can contact us, we are a manufacturer specializing in precision CNC machining of aluminum alloy machining, and can also provide comprehensive services and support plans.

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