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Liquid Cold Plate with 2 Pass Copper Tube | Kingka

Product name: Water Liquid Cooling Plate
Type: standard products
Part Numbers:
Product Specifications:
Extruded Aluminum 6063-t5 plate
Tube Material Copper 9.5mm O.D x1.24mm wall
Aluminum Plate and Copper tube Filled with Epoxy
Measurement Width:
Application:High power electronic products,
medical equipment, laser equipment
Sample Lead Time: Standard product with keep a stock,1-2days
Size:see dawings
QC Control: full inspection before shipment
Qaulity Certification:ISO9001:2015
Packaging Details: Foam ,carton ,pallet or as requested
Port: HK/Shenzhen
Design Process:
Customer's input (drawings or asked)-Design proposal-Do the simulation
-Make the prototype-Verification-Customer validation-Tooling fabriacation
-Pre series production-Acceptance Validation-Mass prodcution

Water Liquid Cooling Plate

Our company Hi-Contact technology optimizes the contact area liquid tubes have with a cooling surface to 

provide the best possible liquid cold plate thermal performance. Our patented geometry used in these 

designs ensures the most tube-to-plate and tube-to-device contact possible to minimize interface resistance

between all contact surfaces. To further increase performance, a thermal epoxy is applied to the tube/plate 

joint to provide a gap-free thermal interface between the tube and cold plate.


CNC Machining palte


Copeer tube


Stamping the tube and AL plate


CNC the plate surface



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