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Why Do Many People Choose Copper Aluminum Heat Sink?

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The copper aluminun heat sink is more corrosion resistant, and the long service life is the real benefit. The copper-aluminum composite heat sink is a high-efficiency and energy-saving heat sink developed in accordance with the development needs of the market. Its appearance can be varied and can meet different consumer consumption concepts. Copper-aluminum composite heat sink will become the leading new type of heat sink for a long time in the future due to its outstanding anti-corrosion performance, applicability of GF, better heat-price ratio, higher value retention rate and beautiful appearance. Why are copper-aluminum composite heat sinks more expensive but there are still many people choosing them?

Both economical and decorative

Due to the very good thermal conductivity of copper and aluminum, the heat dissipation capacity of copper-aluminum composite heat sinks is much higher than that of heat sinks of other materials, and its heat-to-price ratio is also much higher than that of heat sinks of other materials. Because copper and aluminum are both non-ferrous metals, and their value increases with time, the preservation rate of copper-aluminum composite heat sink is also much higher than that of other materials.

Strong comprehensive mechanical properties

Aluminum alloy profiles are widely used because of their high strength, good water and air tightness, good thermal conductivity, exquisite appearance, and easy processing. In particular, its good thermal conductivity has been valued by many heat sink manufacturers in recent years.

Strong resistance to alkaline water corrosion

The copper-aluminum composite heat sink is manufactured using advanced patented hydraulic expansion joint technology with internal flanging. The precise process parameters can completely eliminate the gap between the copper tube and the aluminum profile tube. The header pipes and radiating pipes through which the copper-aluminum heat sink heat medium flows are all red copper pipes, which have strong corrosion resistance. Therefore, it has good corrosion resistance to alkaline water. It can have a corrosion resistance period of more than 50 years. Under this condition, there is sufficient leeway, and the service life of the heat sink can also be guaranteed to be more than 30 years.

Wide range of applications

The custom aluminum heat sink is a composite of copper pipes and aluminum profiles. The aluminum profiles and steel pipes are expanded by high-pressure expansion through special equipment to make them tightly combined. Several columns are assembled and welded, and functional decorative parts are assembled on both sides to form a plate-type copper-aluminum composite heat. sink. Compact structure, beautiful and fashionable appearance, easy to clean, light weight, high pressure, good heat dissipation effect, durable, suitable for all heating systems.

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