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Why is CNC machining stainless steel so tricky?

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Everyone knows that CNC machining is generally used to process aluminum products.However ,stainless steel products are also widely used. Why are there so few cases of CNC machining stainless steel? This is related to the physical properties of stainless steel.


The hardness of stainless steel is much higher than that of aluminum alloy, so it is naturally challenging to process stainless steel. CNC machining equipment with sufficient horsepower and torque can provide better results when cutting stainless steel. Small machines can also cut stainless steel materials to achieve the goal, but engineers place very high demands. The correct configuration of the machine and the correct setting of the cutting program will increase the machine's service life and optimize the output of the product. However, we do not recommend forcibly using careful machines to process stainless steel at a shallow fault tolerance rate.


Relatively speaking, a practised engineer is more important than an expensive machine. When processing stainless steel, it is essential to ensure the rigidity of the material. The standard fixed rails may not be able to accomplish this task. More effective and more stable fixing methods will make it easier to process stainless steel. To make the surface treatment of stainless steel products smoother, which need the tool path settings of high requirement. The lighter radial cutting depth and more extensive axial cutting are running fast, which can make the stainless steel produce of better results.So an experienced engineer is every important,since he know how to make the products better.


In terms of tool restrictions, to process stainless steel has stringent requirements for tools. Tools used to cut stainless steel must withstand high temperatures, excessive cutting edge accumulation, and wear. Sulfur additives can improve this complex challenge, but other solutions are needed when challenging the more complex 304 and 316 sheets of steel.


This is why there is so few CNC machining stainless steel.


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